Every Sunday morning the C-Way Family gathers to celebrate and be reminded of who God is and what He has done. We believe that corporate worship is active and not passive.
We encourage everyone, whether in the room or watching online to be a participant and not just  spectator. Our worship style could be best described as contemporary with an appreciation for the classic hymns. Whether we are singing modern worship songs or classic hymns we strive to make sure every song we sing is biblically-sound. Many of the songs we sing are original songs written by our worship leader.
But Sunday worship is more than just music. At the heart of why we gather is the teaching of God's Word. We open the Bible together, typically going verse by verse, story by story through the books of the Bible. We believe that reading and understanding the Bible in context is the key to understanding the Scriptures. We don't find verses to support our opinions, we allow our opinions to be shaped by the Scriptures.
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Worship Pastor

Chad Jackson